S.E.R.E. (Survive Evade Resist Escape) is an intense top-secret US military training program created by the USAF in which soldiers are left in an undisclosed area, without support.

They must first survive the crash using 'survival' techniques.
Then they evade the hostiles that come to inspect the crash,
When they get captured, they must resist the torture/interrigation,
And finally, they must escape the area.
Sarge said Brian was ready for SERE. I hope he did better than the last two guys, PFC Jenkins and PVT Leeroy.
by Brian, Puma Driver May 13, 2007
A short form for the word serious. Used because of laziness, or because it's just that much cooler than saying serious.
Person one: Is that right?

Person two: Yah, I'm totally sere!
by Christian Waters October 08, 2006
Interjection. Pronounced "seh." To call attention to obvious stupidity or poor attempts at humor. Saying "sere" is often accompanied by a hand gesture, making a circle with your thumb and forefinger.
You are stuck in an elevator with two other people, and one of them says "have you we reached the 3000 lb maximum weight limit?"

Because this comment is retarded, it would deserve a sere.
by Nestea September 17, 2006

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