2.only having "emo" hair but not the mannerism
3.only having "emo" mannerism but not the style.

ex 1;your just semo..so shutup..the world isnt falling apart just yet.

ex 2; your so semo with that hair and all.

ex 3; that semo kid cuts himself..but he hangs with those preppy/gangsta kids..so he`s not really emo.
by bobo robotz_X April 09, 2006
Top Definition
A monkey which was scientifically tested on by the USAF in the movie, "Planet of the Apes". Semos becomes an intelligent monkey and becomes the monkey which starts the revolution and kills all the military men.
"The monkeys are out of control...Oh look theres one, Semos, hes just broke out of the cage and is eating Private Buttfucks ear! HELP"
by Semos's Father July 24, 2008
Super Emotional, Super EMO, When someone acts like their on their period 24/7 and/or are visibly depressed.
Why you being so SEMO Anh? Babe your being really SEMO right now for no reason.
by PUMSwordpimp January 26, 2011
the act of being inseperable; combining two names to create one, whereas, when looking for one person, they will always be with the other, so combine the names and just use one.
nicole: hey, where are sara and emo-ly?
matt: oh, you mean semo?
by Semo October 04, 2006
Semo is a word describing someone who likes chapped stick, listens only to the best bands like Relient K, Hawk Nelson, Underoath, Bleach, Mae, Anberlin, and most other Tooth and Nail artists. You surf, or some other kind of water sport, and have a love for wrist bands, and dressing up like your own favorite band.

Came from a band named Achoowawa. 'Emo' kids say that you can't surf and be emo, and it just happens the lead drums, lead singers, and lead guitarists of Achoowawa do surf, so the 's' was added in front of emo.
If you see someone wearing a plaid shirt, and / or has a fanny pack, and / or has shoes on that don't match but still look really cool, and / or and has a surf board... you'd say "That's so semo"
by Kristen February 19, 2005
one who is whipped by a bitch.
Dude your straight up semo in' right now
by Raider99 April 02, 2007
someone who fuckin masturbates yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. self employed manual operator whaaaaaaaaat
oh man that guy is such a semo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jesuswuznalien June 24, 2005
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