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S,E,A,L. (not to be confused and/or misguided)

a Seal is a highly-trained special forces singer of the Music Industry. Part of the K,I,S,S and higher than FROMAROSE. Seal is pretty much a modern-day ninja, a renagade,if you will; he is trained to steal YOUR heart with his allagator chomps on the cheeks. He could easily make a supersonic man out of you. His shiny head is already melt to scenery and he can make a plate of mac-n-cheese-un-noticed. On Stage, he "blows" away any contender beyond human-conception.
"Not everyone can be Seal. Infact you'd have to be a kiss from a rose to be one! If you really want to be Seal, You have to find allagator chomps"

"But did you know that when it snows
My eyes become large, And the light that you shine can't be seen?"
-Seal Motto

"If your called to duty,but your out of toilet paper, then you've failed"
by Bill+Pot=High March 01, 2005
Sea, Air, Land.

A SEAL is a highly-trained special forces soldier of the US Navy. Part of a group of 2, 4, 8, or no higher than 16 other SEAL's, Navy SEAL's are pretty much the modern-day ninja; they are trained to meld in with the scenery and attack without being noticed. Their bodies are trained and pushed beyond almost human-limits.
"Not everyone can be a SEAL. In fact, you'd have to be superhuman to be one! If you really want to be a SEAL, you really have to want it."

"The only easy day was yesterday!"
-SEAL Motto

"If you're called to duty but you're not ready, then you've failed."
-SEAL Moral from an officer
by Dave July 06, 2004
Incredibly talented singer.
Hits include: Don't Cry, Human Beings, and A Kiss From a Rose.
Whoa. I just heard an awesome singing voice coming from my TV speakers. Seal must be on again!
by Annatar September 19, 2004
When a man has over acheived in life regarding the hotness of his partner, like the singer seal.
The singer Seal, is a Seal as his girlfriend is hot to levels way above hime.
by Mike Monza February 17, 2009
An arctic animal that is a magnet for blunt weapons, including (but not limited to) clubs, bats, crowbars, nailboards, nunchucks, game controllers, banjos, backpacks filled with cement, and folding chairs.
"You see that seal over there?"


"I'm gonna club the s**t out of it."
by Trogador April 04, 2010
Somalian slang for Vagina
Damn, that girl has got a really loose seal today!

That store Wet Seal makes me laugh every time.
by A 20 Inch Deer March 30, 2011
a substance, strip of material, used to fill a crack so that air, liquid, etc. cannot get in or out.
A piece of wax that is placed across the opening of letters.
A piece of metal, a ring with a design on it, used for stamping a seal.
He broke the wax seal and unrolled the paper
by Jiri Rokyta June 13, 2006
The most elite military units in the military. They have the hardest training and are the deadliest warriors we have. The seals are only almost equaled by the marines.
the S.E.A.L. 's go through the most intense training in the military
by John lobash March 02, 2006