Top Definition
acronym fqor Suck Dick Hoe

orriginated in nor-cal
person 1:ur getting annoying
person 2:welli hate you
person 1:SDH!!!
by Greg Ritz July 15, 2006
So Damn Hot

Some one who is very hot and a person may call someone this when they think the person is very hot or cute. Often could also be called a hottie or hot stuff.
lala123:Hey do you think mike is cute?
lalala1234: yes! hes sdh!
by Motorola October 31, 2006
(S)tupid (D)umb (H)oe
Fuck! That SDH just hit my car...and it's parked.
by Orgasnick October 21, 2011
Being stoned, drunk, and hungover all at the same time.

Otherwise known as being in hell.
Mike woke up with a major hangover but still got high with his roommate before they hit up a local bar.

Roomate- Dude, what's wrong? You look like shit?
Mike- Man, I'm SDH. Fuck it.
by Life is hell. Pretty much it. October 02, 2011
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