Speed Demon Bitch.
Yo this guy was following me on the ice skating rink so I had to SDB to get the fuck away from him.
by Adam D R June 26, 2008
Top Definition
a SDB is any female that exhibits traits of a STUPID DUMB BITCH. they are almost always either skanks or wont give you shit for pleasure. their diet consists of 97.75% bullshit and no matter what you should never date them.
John: Yo bro did i hook up with that annoying drunk bitch at that party last night?!?!

Derek: Yeah man you hooked up with that SDB hahaha!!!!, but dude how fucked up were you???

John: I obviously don't remember and i don't want to talk about it...
by Joesin March 24, 2011
Stupid Dumb Bitch
Generally seen driving S.U.V's, the S.D.B.'s native habitat is gentrified areas, suburbs, the mall, Grocery stores, under their boss's desk, under their husband's desk, under my desk.
That F***ING SBD cut me off! Get the gat.
by the search September 23, 2003
Sick, Disgusting, Blob.

Means that someone is a sick disgusting fuck who thinks about sick disgusting things and likes to call random people paedophiles. A SDB will make a joke out of it and they think it's funny when the reality is there are REAL sick paedophiles out in the world. SDB's will get their ass kicked..
Those are some classy people, those SDB's.
by youdisgustme123 February 17, 2013
Sloppy drunk bitch.
Yo that girl right there is an SDB!
by Jahaliem August 09, 2010
1. Stupid Dumb Bitch (noun) 2. Describing either a male or female.
Zander: "Ugh, I can't stand her!!!"

Gio: "Who?! Why?!"

Zander: "My math teacher Ms. Hester! This Bitch ask me the question, 'Zander where's your homework assignment from last night and the night before last?'. I respond, 'Ms. Hester, I didn't, the class didn't, you didn't assign homework over the last 2 nights ' 'Yes, yes I did. I am the teacher and you are the student! So again I ask, where is your homework before I fail you!' 'So you gonna fail me cause your ass didn't assign homework over the weekend end, that ain't right!' 'I'll see you in the principal's office today after school with your parents and homework or I'll have you suspended!' 'So you gonna suspended for being a SDB?' 'SDB?! What's that?' 'For a teacher your not very smart, you Stupid Dumb Bitch!' Class, 'Oooooooooh'. 'Get out of my classroom! To the President's office!!!' 'There you go again! It's the Principal's office SDB!!!' Class, 'hahahahahahahaha'
by Zander Nelson January 29, 2014
Sucks Donkey Balls (usually used in online discussions), indicating the topic under consideration is really, really horrible.
Oh man, that playaz' web forum SDB
by Blorf May 31, 2005
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