Sperm Donor
A male whom thinks he's the shit, does not help with the family, most likely 420 friendly, with many DUI's, is having relations with the neighbor women, and thinks your to stupid to figure it out .Also whom actualy thinks the sun rises and sets for him.
Neighbor to woman: "Where's your man?"

Woman: "Oh you mean my SD, prob at the bar or looking for a 40."

Neighbor: "Ok let him know I stopped by"

Woman: "Sure thing Princess"
by MissPriss73 July 10, 2009
Top Definition
San Diego
Welcome to da SD, niccuh/
by Gamechibi August 24, 2003
1) San Diego (City)
2) Sour Diesel (Marijuana)
I just took a trip to SD(1) and me and my homies there blazed some legit SD(2) there. It was dope.
by Turtle Face August 21, 2008
Sugar Daddy
i have to call my SD b/c i overspent my budget this month
by simplyflygirl May 18, 2009
Meaning "so drunk", SD is used when one is incapable of forming actual words due to their severe level of intoxication. It is also perfect for college dorm white boards, when you want your friends to know how drunk you are but would prefer if your RA did not.
"Hey, are you okay?"
"(slurred) SD!"

"I was so SD Friday night after the Mexican restaurant that I sullied my pants"
by Cat Baker May 04, 2009
SD / Sugar Daddy. A person who will buy gifts, pay bills, and spoil someone in exchange for something, usually sex.
I'm broke I don't have any groceries and my power bill is due. I need to fine me a sugar daddy. On craigslist people will say they are looking for SD.
by LanceManly56 December 14, 2012
Sweet dreams, used in a messenger conversation
by Sofiamore April 21, 2011
SD, referring to the phrase small dick. Obviously someone nicknamed SD has a small dick. It can be used literally, or as an insult.
Guy 1: What's up SD?
Guy 2: I hate it when you call me that.
Guy 1: But it's true, can't deny the truth!

Guy 1: That Jason is such a SD.
Guy 2: For reals!
by rice4lyfeinda415 May 07, 2009

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