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Similar, but different, from scoreboard...

"SCOREBOARDED" denotes the essence of the bottom line, end result. Unlikes scoreboard, where the scoreboard is almost used as an excuse, scoreboarded has a meaning of accountibility, on all parts. The origin of this word comes from a combination of traditional "SCOREBOARD" shouts, but also, a touch of sportsmanship.

To be or have been "SCOREBOARDED" ultimately implies that a good competition was had, and that the user acknowledges this. One team was the victor, and the other was not, and that's that.

See also:
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Futher information:
Caps optional, situational. Not using caps suggests a more passive, unemotional and mature manner of usage. All caps suggests the user is feeling a great deal of pride and enthusiasm in the victory, or perhaps loss if one is so inclined, yet still retains a quality of restraint because of the true definition of the word.
In the 2005 Alamo Bowl, the Michigan Wolverines were scoreboarded by the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was a hard fought game, and both teams showed the potential to win. But when it was all said and done, one team had more points than the other, and a 32-28 victory went down in the history books.

That's right son, you got SCOREBOARDED! (frequently with a fist pound or other gesture of comradery)
by I am you December 29, 2005
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