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To check out.
Ay, SCOPE this out...that ain't his girl he makin out wit.
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
A Scope is a term used to describe a person who was once referred to as a spastic.

In 1994 the UK charity organisation "The Spastics Society" changed it's name to "Scope", due to too many people labelling the window lickers with this harsh insult.

Therefore it is now only fair that any spastics are now called scopes.
"You fucking scope, stop licking that window"
by Joeyintheuk May 12, 2006
Verb; The act of checking out a girl.

Is usually spoken aloud to alert others to the presence of a smokin hot girl.

When spoken aloud is in the plural form, scopes.
Phil: SCOPES!!!

Tyler: Where?!

Phil: Katelyn!

Tyler: oh sweet jesus... thats an ass from heaven man.
by johnny bravo the third April 20, 2010
A word said after you throw and hit somebody usually in the head with any inanimate object.
*throws pencil at brothers head* "SCOPE!"
by fry me sum skrimp! August 03, 2007
A Spastic.
Current trading name of the previously named Spastic Society
That man in the tight shorts runs like a complete scope
by King Dicky January 28, 2011
when you see a really fit person walking along the street you would want to get a better look. So if you had a telescope you'd whip it out and 'scope' that person. but no one carries telescopes around so you use the word 'scope' to acknowladge how peng that person is.
look at that girl, SCOPE!
by P Gashless B August 02, 2010
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