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Commonly known as a grenade the SCAPP is found surrounded by a small group of petite more attractive females. This hippo is often full of hormones that it uses to charge innocent males while intoxicated.
Guy 1: im gonna go talk to that group of girls over there
Guy 2: be cautious ive spotted a SCAPP
Guy 1: its alright i got some mace
by DJ PALLY D July 28, 2011
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A hott, athletic amazing guy who is amazing at life. A guy who is a ladies man and who could get a bitch on the drop of a dime. very athletic and fast too. Loves sports
look at that guy he is pretty scapp.
by Steve Harrington April 06, 2008
A Scapp is a girl thats so ugly, you have to tell your boys to check it out, but without her knowing. Or if someone says he sees a skyype, and you disagree, you reply by saying EW SCAPP.
At work, this chick with a peg leg, one tit and 3 and a half teeth total wallks by... I cant just say "ew bitch busted" i go "yo man SCAPP!"

Also see definitions for skyype and skeep
*All three of these words go hand in hand*
by thebigtep November 07, 2010

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