an acronym for "silent but horny"
this describes girls (or guys) that seem really shy, sweet, and innocent, but in reality, they are the horniest people of all.
Boy 1: I met this girl, Natalie, in my spanish class and she is so shy. She never talks at all.

Boy 2: Oh, I know her. She's quiet, but she's an sbh, no doubt.
by Pop-it-chini June 14, 2010
It’s a man disease as per its definition.
It’s accrues when any person lost his wife for any
Reason and he is looking for a girl friend or any girl
For more than a month and he is an age where he don’t
Like to jerk off and all the sperm stops for a while
That condition call SBH
by IAMNOBODY123 January 27, 2009
The breeding ground of Satan. SBHS they set his hair on fire!
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
Sowerby Bridge High School in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Recently taken over by the devil incarnate OR the reincarnation of Hitler, on a much smaller scale. The teachers are alreet, so's the sixth form, hell even some of the normal students. But that headteacher..
Purely for the photos, students of SBHS should
by Melvin Van Peebles September 20, 2006
Spicy butt hole - the price you pay the morning after eating some really spicy food. It can include stomach pains, poor consistency of poop, multiple trips to the toilet, and of course SPICY butt hole.
That habanero salsa from last night gave me SBH this morning. It was painful as hell.
by Captain Goldfish July 20, 2010

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