Silent But Deadly.- Fart, air biscuit, phewumatic turd driver. A warnig of smells to come.
I alway yell 'incoming' when I let go a SBD.
by Starman February 13, 2005
Silent But Deadly! unfortunately an all too familiar odor eminating mysteriously around groups of people, survivable outdoors, but toxic in an enclosed space, in which everyone looks around trying to figure out who let rip (even the smirking perpetrator).
sitting in the back of a pick-up truck with a group of friends on our way to lollapalozza, when suddenly the driver's side window rolls quickly down and the driver sticks his head out the window screaming "S.B.D.!S.B.D.!" dousing the front cab with ozone, while the guy riding shotgun is laughing his guilty arse off. if especially deadly, DO NOT be stuck downwind, i.e. in this case, riding in the back of an open truck slowly, or worse, trapped in the car itself.
by AngelWolf May 26, 2006
S.B.D. Sassy Black Dick.

A penis owned by a black man or transgender which one may find attractive and abundant in 'sass'.

The phrase was coined by a SBD lovin' movie enthusiast while queefing over the sole male character in the cult thriller "Devil" (2010).
Daaaaaammmmmnn!!! Dat girl really loves her some SBD! She be goin to work on day awl day erry day! What's her name?

Her name is Alison.
by Tsssssst May 07, 2014
A Silent But Deadly fart , the kind that might be left behind by some "cropduster" .( See also ; cropduster )
DAMMIT , Jason , that was an SBD !
by Bite-Me April 27, 2008
Stupid Bitch Disease - A mental condition (often inherited and semi-contagious) that strikes approximately one out of every three women in their early twenties. Symptoms include sudden and rampant sexual promiscuity,
compulsive lying, erratic mood swings, excessive and frivalous nagging, manipulative behaviour, and all-around evilness. Although there is no known cure, the condition usually lasts only 6-24 months and can be treated with bitch-slap therapy. Some acute cases, though rare, may develop into C.B.D. (Crazy Bitch Disease).
My friend has been really stressed out since his girl caught S.B.D.
by Decepticon September 26, 2004
a silent but pungent instance of flatulence (from silent but deadly)
Damn! He just released a SBD.
by The Return of Light Joker November 06, 2008
Same b*tc*es different sway. Should be used in conjunction with SSDD.
Friend #1: How is it being back at home?
Friend #2: Oh you know SSDD SBDS
by KhayD December 09, 2010

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