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Acronym for Straight Acting, Straight Appearing; often used in gay personal ads. Could imply "in the closet."
SASA my ass! He's as queer as a three dollar bill!
by T Wade August 14, 2005
39 49
Smarter than average person.Very good looking, girls have a tendancy to try and get in his pants. Sometimes described as Uber cool or Gosu.
Omg that dudes so cool,smart and Gosu, he must be called Sasa
by Sasa :P April 30, 2005
100 47
used when talking about wanting to hookup with someone. Also is another term for hooking up .Or as well, used as an acknowledgement to agree that they are hookup worthy
Guy 1: " that girl is so hot"
Guy 2: "Sasa"

Guy 1: "Im so getting my Sasa on tonight"

variations to Sasa:
a good looking person walks into a room. you look to your friend and say "Sup on Sa" to confirm you have both seen this beautiful creature.
by algood May 09, 2011
48 13
Subconscious Acknowledgement That Something Is Awesome
For example when your watching a movie or listening to music or whatever you may do and you get goosebumps or that tingly feeling down your spine. You've just had SASA
by Rock Them Socks July 23, 2009
28 8
A term used when you feel like it. Mostly means crazy, or WOW or something along those lines.
"Sasa!! Sasa!! Sasa!!"
by hannah;keziah June 13, 2007
28 18
A ghetto school in saginaw with crazy teachers a fat one named learman a child lover named feldman bald army dropout aide
and very WEIRD TEACHERS! styrofoam walls and no windows or grass and graham goes there! and Ra-saun (the hottest ever)
Ra-saun is HAWT sizzle sizzle
by brian4kids May 01, 2005
65 56
Noun - Acronym for "such a smart ass"
When someone says something very compelling in text messaging. You can respond with SASA.
by Word Wizard 629 June 29, 2013
3 2
Sound As Sexy As

..or vice versa.
"Hey rhea your sasa luv ya xx"
by Owning Your Face. November 24, 2005
10 9