New harddrive system that is ment to be used by server system etc.
is like a mating of the SATA serial system and the SCSI reliebality.
Maxtor was the first to deliver these disc' to the public (10kRPM disc' with up to 300GB)
there is no example for this word.
by fatalicus July 02, 2005
Sweaty Ass Syndrome, this is where your ass smells really bad from the sweat that comes from within the anal cavity, also it tastes like VB
"Ohhhh my butt cheeks are slippery from all this SAS!"
by SSSSS-ASSSSS June 09, 2003
Shit Air Seperator: A thin gasket like muscle in the anal cavity that seperates gas from shit. When its broken, it results in a shart
John- I got to go home and change.
Jane- Why?
John- I tried to fart I blew my SAS.
Jane- You dirty son of a bitch.
by G-Man April 01, 2005
South African Slut.
on my school soccer team.
slut from south africa
go to and you'll see a picture of tammy
by jptsoccer January 15, 2005
Saturdays and Sundays ( SAS ), someone who has nothing what so ever to do with the real SAS, other than read some book, joined the scouts/TA, collects knifes/swords, walked around in army wear.. ( you getting the picture yet ??? )
Yeah I was in the SAS so DON'T mess with me!
by gattaca April 04, 2004
Sportscar Asshole Syndrome
Usually observed in crowded urban areas by middle-aged owners of entry-level or low trim sportscars (BMW Z4, Mercedes slk cars, low-end ferraris Mondial, dino, barchetta, modena, or older cars which once had value, like worthless 70's and 80's supercars). They needlessly rev their engine, also revving in leu of horn. They drive with the top down at all hours of the day and night, insist on parking their own car at the vallet, and take up two parking places while doing so. They try to race everyone, including cars of much higher trim levels (dash of rice), and usually travel with a mediocre looking girl who is 20 years younger.
That guy has SAS. It's drizzling out, and he's got his top down blasting KISS FM as if it were july is Assholeville.
by Luke October 25, 2004
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