A saga or arc of a series which has come to an abrupt halt for an undisclosed amount of time, more so to a manga or comic series.
E.g. Gunslinger girls three and a half years gap between volume three, the start of the pinochio arc and volume four where it continues the arc, hence a Sarc.
by Faramon July 18, 2007
Top Definition
Adding the word in brackets so as nobody misunderstands the true meaning of a sarcastic statement: (sarc!)
by Leonidas299 September 17, 2013
(n) Slang for sarcasm, most commonly used in the south side of Chicago. Also used for someone who commonly uses sarcasm.

(v) To use sarcasm.
(n) Stop being such a sarc, you need to be serious!

(v) Are you 4 real or are you sarcing me?
by Sarclover09 December 09, 2009
Verb- Sexually assaulting or harassing somebody. Usually done in a central park otherwise known as a SARC park.
I'm going to central park, I hope I don't get SARC'd.

I'm going to SARC you.
by sheppardairman May 11, 2013
S.A.R.C.- club of extremely fine young gentlemen who like to BMX' it up on the South Side.
Susie- wow look at that sexy hoodrat.
Me- duh he's in S.A.R.C.!
by ckk February 19, 2004
Sarc n. 1. A term of endearment 2. Untranslatable Hillbilly word. See example to indicate usage.

Etymology: From the movie 'Frankenstein', used by the titular character referring to George Bush.
"Yep, dem kids o' mine are good in the sarc. Hows yers?"
by Mr. Tangible December 26, 2006
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