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a person who is hella chill. Usually likes to be bad and not follow rules. INDEPENDENT AS F*%$. And is very pretty
SALMA shes hella chill
by Janettttttttttttt January 02, 2009
Very rare, one of a kind. Wife/Marriage material, funny, sweet, very caring, selfless and is stunningly beautiful. Should be a model because of her amazing figure and is very exotic.
Wow, she's like Salma
by Babycakes x January 19, 2011
The most beatiuful girl anyone has ever seen, perfect girlfriend material and once you have her you will pray you never lose her,she will make you smile even when you're down and always be there if you have a problem.
"wow that girls got to be a salma"
by smelly belly October 27, 2012
a one of a kind out of this world . gorgeous,big pretty smile, looks hot with glasses ,exotic, she should be a model or pornstar ,likes to bite,sweet,she get scared of hector , someone you can have a long conversation with and not get bored,does her homework on oovoo . if u ever get a chance with her dont let go of her ,wife/gf material .
her name must be salma cause she out of this world
by pollito1225 May 16, 2011
Salma is a rare name given to few Arab women. The name 'Salma' originates from Arabic, as an old word for Star. The modern day word for star is naj-ma (نجمة).
Person 1: Haha, you're not the only Salma on campus anymore!
Person 2: There's a new girl called Salma coming next year!
Salma: What?
Person 2: She's also Egyptian.
Salma: That is very coincidental...
by ILiekShiz August 19, 2015
the strongest type of muscle. It is rarely found in anyone. However, Salma A. has these muscles. She is the founder of these muscles. These muscles are better than anacondas and pythons, which are the common slang terms today. Today, everyone wishes that they had salmas.
Mustafa can never get salmas even if he tried.
If you work out a lot, then you will acheive salmas.
by MJMusTzZ December 07, 2006
The tallest thing in a group. Usually big forehead and might refer to them as the dildo.
Dude, do you see that Salma down there !
by AnujaSucksAss August 09, 2008

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