Abbreviation for the Greek fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon; coincidentally these letters also stand for "sexual assault expected", which pretty much sums up a night at one of their parties.
"Hey what happened to you when the cops came to the SAE party?"
"I wouldn't know...I was upstairs with one of the brothers."
by itscollege888 February 27, 2008
all male subdivision of UCLA's queer aliance
Guy: Hey I'm going to SAE

Guy 2: why

Guy: to get slammed
by bTeezy October 25, 2006
1)Suck And Ejaculate
2)All male subdivision of SUNY Oswego's Rainbow Alliance
1) guy: yo i always have fun at SAE parties
2) enough said
by Sig Tau Plumbing December 05, 2005

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