Welsh for English (person), derived from an older word meaning Saxon.
Can be used as a insult against an English person if they do not speak Welsh.
"it's okay, it's not your fault that your a saes"
by ants February 14, 2005
A person who likes to put letters after their name. SAE stands for Self Assessed Expert.
This is the resume of Harold Hallard, SAE.
by scopetecsol March 19, 2011
Self addressed envelope. An stamped envelope with the sender's name and address on it.
Send me an SAE, and I will send you the stuff.
by Brandy Red October 12, 2012
Society of Automotive Engineers.
In 1972, the SAE changed the horsepower ratings on all cars from gross to net.
by MyaJagd August 29, 2005
Smart Ass English
I would use ASE (American Standard English), but I would rather use SAE (Smart Ass English) in response to your dumbass remark.
by BC87056 August 18, 2011
Same Assholes Everywhere
SAE? Those guys are the same assholes everywhere.
by Todd August 19, 2003
Someone, Anyone, Everyone.
Who do SAE's hook up with? Someone, anyone, everyone.
by Labelle June 04, 2004
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