Students Against Destructive Decisions

Quite ironically, this student organization is often occupied by students who make the most destructive decisions in the school and just need an extracurricular activity to get into college.
SADD Member: Don't drink and drive (unless you're in SADD, then you have the go-ahead).
by L June 21, 2007
Top Definition
Students Against Destructive decisions (formally known as Students Against Drinking and Driving)
Against many forms of drugs, narcotics, etc. Formed of people who believe what everyone tells them, and will eventually jump off of a cliff because someone told them they were druggies if they didn't.
"The media says drugs are bad, so I decided to join SADD."

"That one commercial with the high guys running over the little kid looked so real."

"I've never done drugs, but I'm against them because I know all about them."
by MX October 31, 2003
Superior Appearance Deficit Disorder
or very very ugly.
Allen : "Do you have SADD Jenny ?"

Mark : "She is so SADD."
by Thomas Nguyen March 02, 2008
something someone said or do the all at once could be funny awkward stupid useless...
girlfriend: i luv u like a fat kid luvs cake
boyfriend: i luv u too baby
random guy who knows both: sadd
by tremayne-youngT January 08, 2009
Sexually Attention deficit disorder
My wife has SADD, anytime I want to @#!^, she falls asleep.
by Captain Spanky August 11, 2011
Students against Drunk Drivers
People who are not AGAINST drinking but angainst drinking and driver (which usually leads to death, destruction and breaking the law)
The School hosted a SADD awareness program.
by Kurtis April 10, 2005
a group of emo's that walk around so that you can tell that their emos
Hey look at that sadd over there
by messa September 05, 2006
Students Against Destructive Decisions. Like what? Smoking? WTF? These people want me to not smoke? To take away my freedom as an American to decide what to do with my life? WTF?
Silly SADD.
by Eyeballflyball August 07, 2003
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