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Badass keyboardist for Children of Bodom
"This man on keyboards is Janne Warmen. And He's going to play some shit for you!"
by Kurtis March 15, 2005
Students against Drunk Drivers
People who are not AGAINST drinking but angainst drinking and driver (which usually leads to death, destruction and breaking the law)
The School hosted a SADD awareness program.
by Kurtis April 10, 2005
No shit man
Mrs. Vance walks in the room and Pete says yo man she is fuckin fine. i say No Duh man.
by kurtis November 20, 2003
Being of the local race. One who sleeps with his/her own mother or relative. One who lives in Localville, USA. One who is not of the upper class because they meet any of the following qualifications:

1.) Uses duct tape like candy
2.) Fails or gets a semester letter grade lower than a C in Earth & Space Science
3.) One who ridicules those more intelligent than him/herself.
4.) Sleeps with more than one person at a time
5.) Owns a "business" in any Britt World Wide (BWW) branch (Yes, this includes the cult of Quixtar)
6.) One who runs for office yet has their own gospal sing television show.
7.) One who is seventeen and still does not have a valid state license to operate a moving automobile.
My god, you are so local!

Oh no! The locals are gathering, run!
by Kurtis March 08, 2003

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