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1) money laundering organization that sells crappy textbooks of historical figures to students at the schools they use as a front.

2) The Point System? WTF!!!

3) Stupid ass bitches in schools
Mike: lets go learn some stuff!
bob: we cant unless we use the point system because SABIS says so
by SuperfeetSies February 19, 2010
37 11
A faithful elephant, descended from that line of pachyderms usefully employed by Hannibal in the Second Punic War. In modern times, Sabi sometimes followed Viscounts and Viceroys on their appointed tasks.
Sabi came suddenly upon the unfortunate, tusks flared and trunk unfurled.
by chasethedoor October 31, 2011
14 5
A global education management organization which operates schools in North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
I went to a SABIS-run school when I was younger.
by accuratedictionary April 06, 2010
8 20
An ugly chick
Jim: OMG look at that sabi
Steve: She is so ugly
by hiimsteve January 13, 2011
9 29
A term used by young hooligans meaning what is up.
Hey! Sabi wich u mah man? Mi iz da bomb!
by fathead October 19, 2004
17 38