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A middle-aged, often schizophrenic korean man that is usually linked to pedophilia. S-bones will usually bark like a dog when excited, randomly shout all vowels, hit on girls usually under the age of 17, and constantly drive children around a downtown area. S-bones all live in trucks. As far as personal life goes, information is unknown.
"Dude, what the fuck is wrong with S-Bone?"

"I have no clue man, he's just insane.."
by AlPachino666 February 05, 2010

A skittish, old, Korean man-child that preys on young children, mainly young tweenage females, or kids whom he can use for his Marijuana needs. S-Bones are completely and totally sporadic and do not take considerations or second thoughts to any action. A usual tactic to frighten and repel an S-Bone is to headbutt the nasal area. S-Bones are typically attracted to 16-year old boobs, daycare centers, public schools, heroin, and vodka.
Bystander: "S-Bone, you do know she's 17, right?"

S-Bone: "She's 15! I asked!"
by GeorgeThurogood666 November 24, 2010
A mixture of spooning someone and boning someone. When a guy will spoon a girl and begin to try and bone her.
guy: Wanna spoon?
girl: mm, sure :)
*guy starts to sbone*
girl: what are you doing!? you said spoon!?
by _generation May 09, 2011
A gangster natorious in the Bristol region of the UK, thought by many to be Stephan "EnglishMan" B. He has been linked with many gang related crimes and is associated with T_Dog and part of the Zen Poker Crew.
"I'll cut you up Bristol stylee jenkins, you ginger cunt!" S-Bone
by T_Dog June 21, 2006
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