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Means suck my dick.
Fun to use, especially in school.
Hey Bill, S my D!
by S My D May 14, 2004
Abbv. for "Suck my dick"
Wow, seriously, you can S my D.
by MoStang June 05, 2007
Support my decision
My friends S my D all the time!
by Sparky Sun Devil February 10, 2011
The act of sucking ones dick,
Suck. My. Dick. (smyd)
Immature boys yell"smyd" thinking they are cool but really look like douchebags.
by Bitches March 12, 2004
It's literal meaning is suck my d***, but also means f*** off, or back off.

A sign of defiance.
Hell no I'm not doing that! You can "s my d"!!

You could "s my d" before I do that.
by [D]bovee January 01, 2009
The abbreviated version of "Suck my Dick", used for texting and online chat purposes.
Bill: why didnt you show up at the bar last night? we waited
Ted: SmyD
Bill: uncalled for
Ted: Garg the Smeg
Bill: gross
by apound21 May 07, 2009
Blood on the Dance Floor's song "S my D" from the album "It's hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World", stands for "Suck my Dick!"

(Which they cleverly disguise as "Solve my Dilemma" on some of their older youtube videos).

S my D is also a commonly used word for many highschool aged teens to tell a girl (or boy) to suck their dick in an undercover form.

Also used as a comeback.
Person 1: it's your turn to do the dishes. Person 2: S my D
by lazylupe May 17, 2011

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