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Suck & Fuck - used to describe a hot session of sex
Lets do a S&F tonight
by Mike in Vancouver August 10, 2006
Sucking and F*cking.
I was doin' a little S&F last night with my boyfriend, man my @ss hurts!
by masteriwi April 23, 2011
smoke and fuck
smoking weed and then proceeding to have sex

*THC intensifies orgasms and sexual pleasure
My girl and I love to S & F when we have free time on the weekends.
by TgangorD November 19, 2010
"Starred and Flagged" - a term used on some forums including ATS (abovetopsecret) to denote an important thread which gets moved up to the top of the list.
This post is such a great find! S&F
by Surferess September 22, 2012
"Shits & Farts"

Continuously saying shits and farts to annoy your fiancé by using the S&F to make someone's day bad.

"Shits, and Farts. Farts and Shits." repeatedly
by BuBraq4# December 25, 2015

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