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Guys named Rylan are the greatest guys you will ever meet. They are very nice, smart, and friendly but also are very cool, funny, and very sexy. They are very loyal, sweet, and generous to the ones they love. If a guy named Rylan loves you, then you won't be able to resist loving them back because they are so adorable. Sometimes they are somewhat considered "punk rock." They enjoy spending time on the computer. Beware, most Rylan's have allergies. They have a life expectancy of 85+ years.
Rylan is so hilarious in lunch!
by ilyilyrlyrly January 07, 2009
Someone who usually calls you by saying "hey" or "hey you", which is followed by a slap on your chair and/or you. Someone who does not do anything out of the ordinary, that to find something to make fun of him is virtually impossible. Someone who uses Urban Dictionary to reassure himself that he is hot. Someone who initiates lunch breaks.
hey, where are we going to lunch today? -rylan
by Googleface December 06, 2004
A boy who will ignore you, never talk to you, drop conversations, and lie to you constantly until you are forced to break up with him. is in love with himself.

I'm rylan im so cool im so cool im so cool. im rylan im so cool im so cool im so cool.
by sweetsorenandmykalkeyes April 26, 2009
black toothed prick with a small penis usually about 4 inches likes to think he is jamaican and generally sucks balls and is ginger
'look at his tooth, must be rylan!'
by annonymas haha. September 01, 2008
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