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A person who is extremely cool or is extremly good at glitching
I know a ryguy he showed me so many glitches and was so cool
by Ryan November 20, 2003
(n.) A Jew from Rhode Island.
"Wow man, there are so many ryguy's in rhode island it makes me wanna do someone in the butt."
by Bevo February 12, 2005
A good glitcher. Noun. Gouldness waz here.
That Ryguy showed me a sweet glitch
by ROBMAN May 02, 2005
An average or below average person. Usually ditches parties to go off and blow some Phs kids. Secretly wants to be an Element although makes fun of them relentlessly.

yo dude why is that guy such a Ry guy all he does is hang with phs bros and suck all their cocks.
by hunbabe March 04, 2009