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Noun. Farmland, often associated with wild cattle grazing (although they claim theres boatloads of bairuet,its like chestah slang for milking udders), the popped collars are seen none the less, but only when farm duties are completed and the child workers are allowed to go out and buy some pop with there cronies at the corner market before returning to the house to finish churning the butter so they can go to bed before the sun goes down, so they won't have to use candles, in case they forget to put it out and the hay from the horses catchs fire and than its a dang forest fire in this little town known as "rye"- HA! bread.
"I knew he was Rye bred (HAHAHAH GET IT RYE BREAD!) when he manuevered the udders with such precision."
by someho January 06, 2006
the place where where the aryan boys and their wallstreet dads throw rocks at their mexican workers. I hate rye.
Look at that sportscar! I bet some asshole from Rye owns it!
by jeffnmh September 02, 2005
Archetype of cool to compare against.
Wow, you're almost as cool as Rye!
by Rye January 23, 2004
adj. deep-thinking, opposite of superficial

(from the analogy: there are white bread people with no more substance to them than prime-time TV, there are whole wheat people, who are interesting, and then there are rye people...)
Albert Einstein, now he was rye.
by foltor August 08, 2005
The most miserable excuse for a town in the entire state of New York. A town where rich bitches who should not be allowed in the gene pool drink their starbucks and pop their collars while competing for the title of "biggest whore". If you live in Rye you are most likely a stuck up bitch or a whiny cocky asshole arian who follows every idiotic trend so you will fit in to your pothead infested shithole called Rye High School. Other then it's striking similarity to a steaming pile of dog fesces, Rye isn't so bad.
Bitch: I'm one of the many tools in the giant toolbox called Rye
by Rye is gay December 11, 2006
A blunt, informal expression similar to 'gutted', originating in East Anglia. Used when someone is angry, disappointed, or unlucky. Phrases include 'Rye as a pie', or simply 'Rye as.' for short.
Kid 1: Damn, I've lost my wallet
Kid 2:Rye.
by Squeaklet September 03, 2005
Not, as everyone seems to think, a preppy place for good looking morons with rich parents. Nope. Rye is a somewhat wealthy in Westchester that actually has very many middle class citizens. However, there are several people that fit the description given ( preppy douche bags, drunk assholes, parents that over spoil their kids, etc.) that ruin the image of an otherwise respectable town. Also, not an overwhelming number of "Aryan" kids here.
"Did you see that retarded preppy rye kid just now?"

"Yeah, they're everywhere, there are so many of them!"

"No there aren't, it's the same few all the time. The rest of Rye is alright. Didn't you notice?"

"Hey, you're right! Maybe I'll leave most of Rye alone and pick on the few losers who make the town seem stupid and rich!"
by aperson12121 September 20, 2007