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Rye is a grass grown to be used much like a grain.

As a slang term 'Rye' usually refers to rye whiskey although other alcohols, such as vodka and beer, can also be made using the crop.

Rye alcohol was extremely popular during prohibition and its production faded increasingly following the dry period. Nowadays, only a select few alcohol makers still produce rye whiskey, and even fewer produce other beverages using rye. The most popular brands of rye whiskey are undeniably: Wild Turkey and Jim Beam.

When used alone, 'rye' almost exclusively refers to rye whiskey.
Barkeep: "What'll it be?"
Patron: "Shot of rye... scratch that, what kind do you have?"
Barkeep: "Of rye? We have Turkey and Old Portero."
Patron: "Aged Turkey?"
Barkeep: "Yup, in an 80, and basic 80, and I think a regular 101."
Patron: "Alright just some fresh 80 on the rocks."
Barkeep: "Sure, just a second."
by TheCroupierDeals January 10, 2007
A brick (or pound) of extremely high quality heroin. Since it's practically a concentrate it is typically cut and mixed into lesser forms.

Brock may also be known as "whip," and "rock."
"Could that form of heroin be called 'Brick?'"

"No, it was a concentrated powder, its street handle is 'whip,''rock' or 'brock'."

"A brick of brock?"
by TheCroupierDeals December 29, 2006
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