Noun. Farmland, often associated with wild cattle grazing (although they claim theres boatloads of bairuet,its like chestah slang for milking udders), the popped collars are seen none the less, but only when farm duties are completed and the child workers are allowed to go out and buy some pop with there cronies at the corner market before returning to the house to finish churning the butter so they can go to bed before the sun goes down, so they won't have to use candles, in case they forget to put it out and the hay from the horses catchs fire and than its a dang forest fire in this little town known as "rye"- HA! bread.
"I knew he was Rye bred (HAHAHAH GET IT RYE BREAD!) when he manuevered the udders with such precision."
by someho January 06, 2006
Cash, money
He got robbed for all his rye down on 88th street
by Conrad June 19, 2003
a town and city in southern/eastern westchester county. the town includes rye, port chester, rye neck, and rye brook. i don't know who you idiots are writing this previous stuff but bordering on larchmont and "huge mcmansions?" please....do you even know what that is supposed to mean? do your homework kid. not very many "mcmansions" over in rye. founded in 1660 it's an established community. the city of rye is regarded as a wealthy community, but the town is a mixed bag. both the city and town have a good school system, particularly the city as it is richer. rye is also the home of playland, a famous amusement park and retreat for westchester residents.
take i95 to exit 19 or 20, rye ny
by tail March 18, 2005
is a fucking asshole who sleeps with his brother and loves ann tran
rye go fuk larrisa b
by sukhwant July 31, 2004
A bunch of pussy fathers who work on wall street who breed even bigger pussy kids. Similar to the towns of Bronxville, Scarsdale and Bedford.
Dylan: Wow, fighting those Rye kids was pretty Easy.
Mancini: Yea, it was 2 on 20 and we beat the shit out of all of them.
Dylan: Wow what a bunch of pussies.
Mancini: Fuck dude we might get sued.
Dylan: Fuck them those bunch of pussified bitches. Call Daddy thats right call your Daddy.
* There are some exceptions. Corey Dagastino is coo, Jake is coo, and that little fucker i worked with from soundview is cool. Everyone else suck my dick.
by D Wyles March 21, 2006

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