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to penetrate so erratically that is causes a woman to momentarily lose the ability to walk or spread her legs.
"Ron: Hey Betsy, I heard you had a good time over at Archie's last night.
Betsy: Yeah, exept for the fact that I'm too sore to move. The bastard ryanized me."
by Idaho Hoe December 03, 2008
(v) To make things overly complex and cerebral, not out of vain conceit, but just because par is less than self-satisfying. To speak words that could be simple, but somehow make them so complex that no one with a SAT score of less than 2000 can understand them. To turn a one page paper into an 8 page essay, just for the heck of it.
"Dude, stop ryanizing this project, you're making the rest of of look stupid."
"Sorry man, the requirements weren't challenging enough so I had to ryanize it a little bit."
by Heybooboo! February 09, 2010