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The name given to the person in a group who consistently says and does stupid things.
Bubs was definitely the Rut of the group
#rutt #stupid #idiot #retard #dumb
by Filth Merch December 17, 2010
An uncomfortable situation or place, of which there is no easy way out.
I hate this job, but I just can't find another one. I'm stuck in a rut.
#bummer #helpless #hopeless #inconvenient #mess #problem #screwed up #shit #stuck #suffocate
by Dr V May 08, 2008
to fuck
be in a bad situation
a ditch
i want to rut with my boyfriend.
i'm stuck in a rut since i can't choose over joey or bob
my car drove into the rut
by i wanna fuck June 23, 2003
A low spot, a ditch or a pit.

A low point in one's life. It can be boring, sad, or frustrating.

To mate, to fuck.
Another day, another rut in the road of life.

Oy, are we in a rut.

C'mere, I wanna rut!
#pit #boredom #dàirich #joder #yebat
by Lorelili February 15, 2006
disgusting, foul, unpleasant, troublesome, obnoxious, nasty, unbearable, revolting, loathsome, shameful, vile, sickening, offensive or nauseating
person A: hey bled

B: Wot


B: SKEEEN MAN DAS A PAR, your so rut man

A: so................ butsex?
#foul #par #batty #dick #prick
by Dave Mactit January 23, 2011
A shortened form of beirut, the world's greatest drinking game.
Pete: "Something's fishy here."
George: "Yeah, we need to get to the root of this problem."
Alcoholic in the corner: "WHAT!?! Did someone say 'rut? I'm playing!"
Pete: "He means 'root' as in the kind that grows on trees."
Alcoholic: "Oh." (passes out)
by Nick D May 24, 2004
Run up the score. Used as a verb, it is the use of argument either so convincing, or so aggressive, that it leaves the opponent humiliated and subject to scorn and derision. As an acronym or sorts, it should be capitalized.
Delvin RUTSed me over my inability to pick a good type of tire for my delivery van.
#devastate #smack #ravage #whup #rutsed #rutsing #mental rodgering
by SOTP February 14, 2008
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