When you rub your finger around a guy's asshole while you jack him off into his own ass.
Why don't I take you up to my Budoir and give you a little Rusty Venture?
by Colonel Gentleman November 23, 2010
When you jerk off so much it makes your dick red

From the venture brothers
I need to stop whacking it for the next few days after the Rusty Venture I pulled on Tuesday
by Destoroyah November 22, 2010
When you jack off so much your dick becomes raw
I bought this new porn the other day, and ended up giving myself a Rusty Venture.
by jigglesthefett November 22, 2010
It's when you jerk off so much that your dick gets red and sore.
I masturbate so much that I get a Rusty Venture at least once per month.
by hammmmmm November 22, 2010
It's when you take a girl out for a huge a dinner but don't let her go to the can. The you have anal sex with her and she shits all over your dick. So, right when you're about to get off you take it out and blow shit all over her back. The adventure part is when you eat that junk off her back without using any hands.
I took my girl to Applebees and then we went home for anal sex. I managed to talk her into a Rusty Venture and I got some dessert later.
by hammmmmm November 22, 2010
It's when you're fucking a guy and then you open up your hand inside his asshole and whatever you come up with you onto his chest.
I was giving him a Rusty Venture and pulled out a some corny shit and then painted his chest hair with it.
by hammmmmm November 22, 2010
When you jerk-off so much your dick gets all red and sore.
He was watching porn and stroking so long he gave himself a rusty venture.
by Brock Ness Monster November 22, 2010

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