When you masturbate so much that your dick gets red and dried out.
He's going home alone tonight, looks like he's gonna pull a rusty venture!
by Hank&Dean November 21, 2010
when you masturbate so much your penis turns red and sore and you are unable to accomplish anything for the next 24 to 48 hours
Man! After watching 26 straight hours of goth-emo porn, I just rusty ventured myself and now I can't even walk!
by Dr. Freeze November 21, 2010
Jacking off until your dick becomes red and wrinkly.
I gave myself a Rusty Venture after finding my stash of old porno in the attic.
by kloud7 November 21, 2010
when you masturbate so much, your dick gets all red and sore.
I just got a rusty venture from pleasuring myself for three hours straight last night.
by some random loser from kansas November 21, 2010
1) When a man 69's with a woman, the girl pisses in the mans mouth, then man shits on her back and spreads it.

2) When you masturbate so much your dick turns read and swollen.
I Rusty Venture 'd that chick last night, left a stank that lasted all night
by Renato Wagglesworth Longfellow November 21, 2010
Where you wack off so much that you rub your dick raw
Dude, my brother has been in the shower for an hour, I think he is giving himself a Rusty Venture
by whattt? November 21, 2010
When you take a girl/guy out for a date and don't let her/him go to the bathroom. Upon arriving back home you proceed to have anal with her/him until she/he poops on you dick. You then blow your load and the poop all over her/his back. This is the rusty part. The venture is where you remove the poop and cum without using your hands.
Man last night I took your woman out for dinner and gave her a Rusty Venture when we got home. Let me tell you the poop didn't taste nearly as good as the steak at dinner. Totally not gay though.
by porphyriac November 21, 2010

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