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When you are playing pump the rump with a woman and she has either not taken a dump, has the runs, or you've gone extra deep digging for gems, and when you pull your cock out its got shit on it.
I was pounding Mary deep and hard in her cornhole and when I pulled out my man meat it was smeared with poo. I like to keep my tools clean so she gave me a golden shower to clean off my rusty shovel.
by Cyberpsychosis October 19, 2009
When a man covers his dick in moist soil and then buttfucks a woman. The shit and the soil then mix together on the man's dick, and then he slaps the woman in the face with his dick
Jane: Oh my god, my boyfriend gave me a rusty shovel last night!
by HeroOfWar1994 September 23, 2010
To finger a girl, then stick your fingers in their ass then finger them again.
She was so wide i gave her a rusty shovel.
by JOEYJONASSS June 01, 2009
The act of putting ones hands together, then placing it under another unclothed, crouching person. Once in that position, the person will get momentum then shove then hands up the others rectum. When hands are removed, the fecal matter on the hands may resemble a shovel with rust on it. May be repeated if desired.
His mom gave him a Rusty Shovel last night because he didn't do his homework.
by The Mustachioed Maniac May 15, 2011
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