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The appearance of a penis after having sex with a menstrating woman.
She didn't tell me she was bleeding so I made her schlop my rusty pipe last night after we had finished.
by Heath January 31, 2006
42 21
Refering to the nose of a coccaine addict. Meaning that they have snorted so much coccaine that their nasal canals *pipes* have become bloody soar tissue.
Person 1- *takes a bump* *takes another bump* *does 5 lines* * takes another bump*

Person 2- Watch out man your gunna get rusty pipes!
by Monica and Andy October 15, 2004
27 10
Bloody nose from doing too much cocaine. Usually occurs after an all-nighter.
"Oh dude, rusty pipes!" used as an interjection or exclamation when someone throws their head back & runs to the bathroom with a bloody nose.
by ginsoak April 18, 2007
26 11
A term for a red haired person.
see that bloke over there talking to the rusty pipe to get her number, he wants to get into the ginger minge.
by Gollmiester July 23, 2008
5 13
Referring to a man/woman who has had so much anal sex that they're 'pipes' (asshole) has become bloody.

When a girl with bright red hair gives you head and throws her hair forward over your shaft giving it a nice red hue.

When you punch a girl in the mouth and then she gives you head.
a frigid woman who does not put out and therefore has allowed her 'pipes' to become corroded.
"Louis, did you just take a bloody shit? I think Ian may have rusted your pipes"

Ian: Did you do anything with Caitlin the other night?
Louis: Yea man she gave me a rusty pipe, she was amazing!

Louis: I heard Chris Brown likes rusty pipes
Caitlin: oh, that's why he beat Rihanna!

Helen Keller couldn't speak, hear, see, and apparently get laid, cause that bitch had some rusty ass pipes.
by Bak Brien 6969 June 14, 2011
2 16