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Any 50+ year old women who lives on a boat.
I met this older woman at the local yacht club. After a couple drinks and appetizers she told me she was a rusty pelican! Strangely I was slightly turned on by that.
by DIVES December 27, 2010
Variation of a Rusty Trombone. While a man is having his balls mouthed from behind/underneath, his partner tucks his balls inside her lower jaw and generously reaches around to give a tug. The male recipient farts causing the rectum-facing ball handler to madly flap her arms in an effort to wave away the noxious gas - resembling a penguin taking flight.
I walked in on Dina and Ben last night right at the gassy crescendo of a Rusty Pelican.
by Odiggz August 17, 2014
When a guy fucks a girl in the ass, then sticks his penis in her pussy(while she's on her rag), and finishes by cumming in her throat.
When losing everthing to crack, and having glazed dick-resin on your chest wasn't bottom enough, we gave that whore a Rusty Pelican.
by The Resinators August 31, 2013
Ejaculation into a woman's mouth followed by a swift smack across the face with ones penis while simultaneously making a bird call.
Yo son, I just gave that bitch the Rusty Pelican...."Ca Caw."
by B-radamous August 03, 2010
When you first put your balls in someone's ass and afterwards, you put them in that person's mouth
Since she came over last night and gave me a rusty trumbone, I gave her the rusty pelican tonight.
by k2011 May 14, 2011
While engaging in intercourse on the beach, at an oportune time the man pulls out his member dips it in the sand and then reinserts into the womens vagina.
I gave that bitch a rusty pelican.
by hardCor September 24, 2006
When a women gets on her knees and put the males testicles under neath her tongue, than flaps her arms like there wings.
This girl was giving a guy oral in a porno and than she gave the guys a Rusty Pelican.
by Leo David September 08, 2009
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