A series of gay pornography starring Rusty Nail and his 3 sons, his wife tapes them! His films so far consist of "The Rusty Nail," Jackson's Lesson, Web learns to play football, Web gets the ball hiked, Travis' Report Card. This is marketed by the Pierce Bros.
The new Rusty Nail video will come out this weekend. So, there I was, walking down the street barefooted, and I stepped on a big RUSTY NAIL!
by Holmes December 05, 2002
Top Definition
the act of sticking ones dick into a girls mouth right after anal sex
I gave the 2 dollar hoe a rusty nail last night
by scotty June 30, 2003
scotch and drambuie mixed together
to barkeep : "rusty nail please, macallan."
by carbombxhooligan December 13, 2004
Fucking a girl on the rag, without washing up afterwards, and you wake up in the morning with a bloody morningwood. Resembling a rusty nail.
Johnny was dumbfounded when he awoke in the morning to see his penis resembling a rusty nail.
by Bruce S Johnson September 04, 2009
To bang a girl on her period.
Courtney was on the rag, but I didn't care. I totally rusty nailed that bitch.
The act of performing anal sex and urinating at the same time. Upon removal resembles a rusty nail.
I gave my gal the rusty nail last night
by Fishdik April 06, 2011
The suckiest gamer on the net.
"HAHA you suck!"
"Not as much as RustyNail"
"tru tru"
by Louis January 19, 2004
Inserting a finger into the anus, usually a female finger into a male anus. Related to rusty trombone.
Her boyfriend asked for a rusty nail but since she never did it before she chickened out.
by Ephraim Bard January 13, 2011

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