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Thick paint that sticks to all most all surfaces. Usually only requires one coat. Is extremely opaque and has clean lines with the right caps/tips which makes is unbelievable good for graffiti writers. Is also easy to come by unlike montana or belton, which no one can afford anyway.
If you plan on painting a fresh wall, or a rusty train. Get some rustoleum, that fish oil will stick for years.

Also known as Rusto.
by anonymous815 August 06, 2006
A great brand of spraypaint, favored by graffiti writers, that is easy to find and is inexpensive. "rusto" is a short form
fuck krylon, give me some rustoleum!
by StaticDischarge March 05, 2006
The fecal matter sprayed across a nearby wall when a man or woman, frantically masturbating, loses control of his or her bowels.
Damn it! I almost made rustoleum last night, but I was too far from the wall.
by eh Mule February 15, 2007