N. the act of impregnating and then attempt to "reimpregnate" a woman so as to impregnate the baby (if female) that resides within like a russian doll...over and over again

V. to perform such an act
"I got my jooce all inside that ho and I was so hiiiigh that I had to russian doll that bitch and keep goin."
by SnowMomz August 08, 2008
Top Definition
TV show - a complete disgrace and misrepresentation of Russian Community in America. Very cheap and indecorous mix of Jersey Shore and NJ housewives, which exploits the worst stereotypes of Russians in America. Fake and repulsive.
Intelligent and self-respected person might read Dostoyevsky or listen to Tchaikovsky but would never watch Russian Dolls.
by RusAmer August 11, 2011
v. to warm up with a smaller dick or ideally a series of smaller dicks leading up to fucking a really big dick
That dick is way to big! I need to russian doll a few smaller ones first
by tinquarjr January 12, 2015
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