when a person is so insecure with herself that whatever word you say, she will try to sound intelligent and basically say the exact same thing you said, but with different words...
This is an example of someone
russelling you...

The movie is 150 minutes long.

oh ok, the movie is two and a half hours

The bill is mailed every three months.

oh ok, the bill is mailed quarterly...

if someone talks to you like this, you have been russelled
by mrgold July 24, 2008
Top Definition
revealing spoilers about a movie or comic-book
When he told me the ending of the movie; he Russelled me.
by Frank Zieglar June 20, 2008
the act of calling a member of the opposite sex, guaranteeing coitus, and subsequently being denied.
I called him and said "Sex. Me. Here. Now." and he told me that he'd rather stay at home and smoke with his friends. I totally got Russelled.
by WIZZAARD July 10, 2008
To be "russelled" is when a pregnant woman announces that she needs to go pee really bad and someone else all of a sudden runs to the restroom as if they are racing while she's waddling her way over there just so they can get to the restroom before her. The pregnant woman has then just been "russelled" by the other person.
"When I was 8 months pregnant with my son, I excused myself from the dinner table to urinate but my father in law russelled me so I had to wait until he was done in the restroom."
by babycenter November 02, 2013
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