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Behavior that simulates actual work, while, in reality, not performing work at all
Programming emails in the morning to be sent out at various times during the day while spending the rest of the day at the bar drinking Margaritas.

What are you doing today Joe?
I am Russelling!
by Russeller January 07, 2013
Russelling is the act of a guy moving in on a girl who his (supposed) mate has been trying to chat up. The "Russelling Potency Level" increases in correlation to; the effort put in by the first guy; the connection to the activities involved in the first effort and the the knowledge of these efforts by the second guy; how well the two guys know each other; and, how hot she is.

Not to be confused with rustling, which is usually used in reference to stealing horses, though it may be applicable if both guys are drunk and she fits the definition.
Come to the party, but no russelling!
He was just russelled!
by Oishyasan October 29, 2015
Russelling is to be dating or going for girls 10 or plus years younger than you.

A slightly older more advanced version of cradle snatching usually associated with older guys in their late 20's and teenage girls.
"Have you seen Richard lately?"

"Yeah, heard he's Russelling that girl from Med High."
by 192. April 14, 2014
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