The act of getting your ass reamed out and then french kissed by said reamer
She got ruru'd last night and ended up with a chocolate moustache
by knowitallinusa September 26, 2007
Top Definition
a really awesome girl who will kick your ass if u mock her
she is kind and loving and will always be a true friend <3
boy: damn ruru is fine...
boy 2: be careful bro she will knock yr ass
boy: i wont disrespect her man
boy: mhmmmmmmm
by boombambiie November 08, 2010
the king of pirates. ancient greece.
ruru the pirates yells "heeeearghhh!'
by greg remillard December 27, 2004
a form of weed.
"I just did a ton of ruru in the bathroom and now I have the munchies!"
by 2sexy4yew July 26, 2014
(n.) a male reproductive organ in which the testicles are greater in mass than the penis

also spelled: rooroo,roohrooh,riuriu,rewrew,rowrow

(the u's are umlauts)
His ruru was so large that when he walked it looked like he had to take a leviathan excrement.
by Cephas777 February 25, 2008
The act off sodomy; performed with a broom handle. The handle may be broken, often resulting in death by hemorrhage.
"Death.... by RuRu."
by VomitronXXX June 25, 2014
a person who is very gay and likes gay music.
why is he always listening to the firefly song in the bathroom?
-thats Ru Ru.
by ruru ringin February 11, 2010
When someone has sweat patches showing under the armpit.
Hey Callum look at James' Ru Ru's
by jjssadsdmdlfelkijs October 07, 2010
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