The hottest hottie in the world of hotties!!!!!
person1: guess what!?
person2: What?!?
person1: Rupert Grint is a hottie
person2: AHH! I know!!! Hes soooo hott!
person1: Lets go find him and bring him to your basement
person2: OHH! yea so we can rape him!
persin1: Potato's are yummy!


person1: Rupert Grint is a hottie!
person2: Yea, he is.....!
person1: Are you thinking what Im thinking?
person2: BASEMENT RAPE!!!!!
by Wickedly Awesome!!! September 23, 2006
The very good looking man who plays Ronald Weasly in the worldly known Harry Potter films. He is amazing, talented, and very funny. And has the greenest eyes in the world.
Rupert Grint...yeah he's pretty good-looking if I do say so myself.

I get sleezy for Ron Weasly
by mynameisnataliecopeland June 05, 2009
The Hot Actor who plays Ron in the ''Harry Potter" series and makes Red Heads look good!!! REAL GOOD!

unlike carrot top......
He's definitely Rupert Grint material!
by wikidwicken October 18, 2009
Incredibly gorgeous, extremely talented man that has charmed, smiled and joked his way into hearts all over the world. Fiercly supported and loved by his fans. An actor that will be well loved and popular long after Harry Potter finishes. Someone to look forward to watching for a long time.
Simply breathtaking is Rupert Grint.
by sunbird June 30, 2005
A ginger-haired 18 year old, famous for 'acting' the part of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Some people believe he is attractive, with his acne ridden face (but not worse than Tom Felton's) and vacant expression. Most people believe he has the best acting ability out of the Harry Potter Trio. Probably why he has done such prestigious and oscar-worthy movies, such as Thunderpants and Driving Lessons. Cannot speak more than 3 words in an interview, answers consist of 'Cool', 'Yeah' and 'Wicked'.
'Cool, yeah. It's wicked.', Rupert Grint's response to most questions.
by Katv2 September 20, 2006
Not a good actor, he can only do annoying faces, this guy is not good looking, he cannot do any drama, very pathetic actor.
Rupert Grint he is pathetic and not good looking.
by Karin_2005 April 03, 2006
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