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A place in south jersey, right next to bellmawr and glendora. Also reffered to as "Runnahood". Of course runnemede woops the asses of other towns because its just so full of pure swag. Sure it still has sluts that will steal their best friends man in a heart beat, but they fight and make up in a matter of days.
In a town thats crawling with drug dealers and douche bags, Triton highschool had the highest drug usage in all of jersey at one point. With a variety of labels, theres everything from:
-sluts, whores, skanks.
-people that have no reason for existance
-wiggers and wanna be's
-Scene kids and kids that try to be scene
-the ones who just want attention and will do ANYthing for it
-dykes and trannys
-people who KNOw how to dance and ppl who try
-two faced and back stabbing friends
and anything else you can really think of.
there are certain town celebraties, but i am not allowed to mention their names on here. They are never known for something good, always bad.

Runnemede itself its retarded, theres no where to hangout at and and the adults are all cunts. Even the goodie goodie kids get yelled at and are tempted to bust a parent in the fuckin lips. But its all good.
Runnemede kids are just so damn cool, no other town can compare
however schools arent...:
Triton teacher-"take that jacket off, no hoodies allowed in school"
by ShizoWonder February 13, 2011
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