Noun: Turd, Stool, Brown Trout.
Whereas a "crap" can be used to define an entire bowel movement regardless of the number of pieces, the term "Runky" is used to define a single piece.
pl. Runkies
Origin: UK
1. Awww! look, the baby made a Runky
2. It was obvious upon closer inspection, that whoever made those Runkies needs to chew their nachos better!
by scott77 May 12, 2005
Top Definition
A term used to describe both really bad house music and anything sexual. To runk is to have sex. Originally coined in Missoula, Montana in 1997 when several locals heard a very poor cover of the song 'Funky Town' being used in 70s Kung Fu movies.
Man, that DJ sucks. He only plays runky house.

Man, that girl got runky last night.

Burningman is way runky.
by Hellgate February 11, 2011
a combination of words being "raping" and "monkey's"
there was a pack of runkies out the other night

i like to runkies when im bored
by runkies August 09, 2007
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