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Runk; This word derives from Runkonian myth and lore. Commonly used by those who are more rotund and social inept in a situation of panic. This word has fast become the cry or (squeal) of those in danger in a mythical or very real situation.

But do not get confused, this word can also be used by those who like excreting feacal matter and by those who Runk It Out.

This word was originally used in the battle of helms deep, we were balls deep in action and ended up Runk.
"Back vile Runk Back!"

"Thou Art As Runk As Thou Art Runk"

"Don't funk on my runker man"

"Runka Dunka Dunka-Dee-Doo"

"Dude you see that girl? yeah man i did she was so funkin junkin bunkin skunkin punkin qunkin zunkin cool, (dog barks; Runk! Runk!)"

"Robert Kendall is a Runk"

"Hey man look at me runkin out im on the runkio. Hey man look at me runkin out im on the runkio."

"Dude did you see that hot chick? Yeah."

"Dude my ass is so"


"gotta catch em all' pokerunk"

"Man i'd bunk in her runkhole"

"someone, 'snarf' help me 'grunkle' i'm sweating! pinned down and surrounded by orcs, i'm fuckin Runked!"
by The National Runk Museum January 01, 2010
8 18
Taken from swedish, meaning 'to masterbate' or more generally to waste time.
"Stop runking and get over here!"
by P. Hosler September 14, 2005
98 36
This is a word that can mean any thing you want it to mean in a given context.. so it could mean many different things depending on how and where u say it... it can also be modified, for example I am the runkmaster (the master of every thing)
I wanna go runk to the shops... ill runk this fucking hot bint so hard... Lets go on a runk mission( awesome mission).. that girl is so runkable(fuckable)
by The runkmaster July 28, 2009
37 20
Runny shit that is chunky.
Jon: I can't eat my sandwich anymore I think I got the runks.
by Schultzy235 July 03, 2009
8 1
Runk is when your too drunk to say the word drunk and all you can seem to mumble is the word 'runk'
Kaitlyn Block I am not runk
by ash-a-lay March 23, 2005
51 54
Another name for cannabis, and more specifically a strong grass / skunk.
Anyone want some runks? Going at £25 on the eighth.
by hotfirebreather July 01, 2005
3 7
Runk: (n) A person who participates in mud runs, obstacle courses and adventure racing. These individuals are often characterized by a willingness to get dirty, excited by challenging themselves mentally and physically, and a desire to live life to its fullest.

Runk: (v) to participate in mud runs, obstacle courses and adventure racing. “Michelle had a crazy runking experience at the mud run for Halloween.”
Runk is a subset of the term Runkz: A close, online, sharing community of like-minded, slightly insane individuals who enjoy mud runs, obstacle course and adventure racing.
by Chief Runkz January 28, 2013
0 5
to act stupid and obnoxious in any way especially involving highlighters.
He was runking it up in there.
by Madi (behind A Runk) October 14, 2011
3 9