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When something (often a joke) is taken to the extreme.

Friend 1: "Yeah, I bouta hit up the club!"
Friend 2: "Make sure you have a cute outfit."
Friend 1: "Oh, I will, with my matching shirt and shoes."
Friend 2: "That should be cute."
Friend 1: "And my matching socks and weave."
Friend 2: "Ok, run out." OR "You can out."
by Akailah February 13, 2009
in Swedish the word slut means run out in English which causes some very confusing yet often hilarious insult moments for your lulz.
"And you my good sir are a run out" "stop acting like such a run out"
by nekochan January 13, 2015
1. an act of abandonment by a parent, a runaway, or a fugitive.
He did his runout when his family faced eviction.
by BackwayG August 18, 2009
When you finish sumthing
I have ran out of games (which will neva happen to me)
by Ali Bakir May 20, 2005
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