an awesome hip hop group that emerged onto the scene inn 1981 (ish) when they remixed Aerosmiths rock classic Walk This Way, thus making them popular among african americans, but also white people. Ahhh unity. Anyway, the group released a few more hits then faded off the charts. Then, in 2002, the group's DJ Jam Master Jay was shot and killed. The group disbanded in his honor.
If you know the lyrics to Walk This way (Aerosmith), then you know the lyrics to the Run DMC remix. They're the same, except to one the lyrics are rapped.
by wpk914 April 14, 2010
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The Godfathers of Rap.
They started it all.
by Jeff August 29, 2004
posibly the greatest rap group even to hit the stage. Run dmc was all about the music and getting the right beat to go with thier flawless lyrics. It is too bad that no one has come close to the presidence they set for music
"Calvin Klein's no friend of mine, dont want no bodys name on my behind!"
by kobe brian October 01, 2003
Fucken greatest rappers ever. In a class of there own when compared to 50 Cent, Eminem and thos other wannabe assholes.
Run DMC - The only good rap
by hammer November 17, 2003
Kings of rap.
Godfathers of rap.
The greatest rap group ever.
The first rap group to have their music video aired on television.
"I'm the king of rock, there is none HIGHER, sucka MCs, should call me SIRE, to burn my kingdom, you must use FIRE, I wont stop rockin till I RETIRE!"
-King of Rock
by Lucas V October 01, 2005
run dmc are the most inavative and flawless lyacists that ever exsisted. the 2 mcs:run and dmc and the dj:jam master jay were true artists
"Calvin Klein's no friend of mine, dont want no bodys name on my behind!"
by swoosh miester April 24, 2004
The greatist Rap Group of the 1980's
Pioneers of the Gerne.
RUN-DMC's "Rock Box" is bumpin!
by Geroge Mattas May 02, 2003

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