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Term used often in college football to refer to a team winning all of it's games, usually in a conference.
"USC will run the table in the Pac-10 this year"
#run #the #table #college #football
by pitar83 October 19, 2008
To keep winning a game (beirut, beer pong, pool/billiards, checkers) so that you stay on the table and opponents keep coming like lambs to the slaughter.
Last night Simon and I ran the beirut table and groupies were eyeing us like a kid in a candy store.
by Nick D July 12, 2004
The act of hitting all the requisite balls during a billiards game in one turn to win.
Doing it on one's first turn on the table is to doing it any other time in the game is as getting a royal flush is to getting a straight flush in poker.
We were hill hill and I didn't get anything on the break and the rat bastard ran the table on me.
by King Gabey March 25, 2004
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