n. the state of a penis belonging to someone without a circumcission, in the non-erectile position. also a nickname for someone who resembles a penis belonging to someone without a circumcission, in the non-erectile position.
"Look at Rumple Foreskin, when he runs his forehead jiggles around his neck!"
by poopypants April 02, 2003
Top Definition
A mythical man of wrinkled foreskin appearance who's ability to weave golden fleece from his pubic hair is renowned throughout the land.
Check out the Merkin Rumpleforeskin wove me!
by Rumple the King February 25, 2010
Sexual intercourse, ESP. with an uncircumsized man.
"Then we played rumpleforeskin on his parents diningroom table"
by Jeffrey March 25, 2004
One who is able to pick pubic hair and spin the hair fibers into pure gold by wrapping the hair around their foreskin. Usually told as a children's fable or fairy tale, but is now in circulation as slang.
Hey, I wanna be Rumpleforeskin so I can be rish!
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
the uncercumsized penis of an elderly man
Yeah he was rich. I still couldn't do it though, he had a rumple fore-skin
by einsteins jockstrap April 19, 2004
A word used by the rubs to call over Boris. An old word which can be a nickname for someone who picks on many. This rub named rumpleforeskin is a humorous rub & can now be made fun of as he makes fun of many.
that rub right there, must be a boris, must be A RUMPLEFORESKIN!
by Babybeee August 08, 2014
Another name for a penis, said by marissa thome in the film four rooms
Tickling a baby's rumple foreskin will keep me aroused forever
by Baczkowski March 09, 2003
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