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To motorboat someones butt cheeks.
I'm going to rumblebee your sister tonight.
by kroitlz May 30, 2010
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One who tries to be something he or she is not destined to be. The word originates from the great tale of the Rhino who wished to be a Bumblebee. He tried re-attaching his horn onto his ass after tearing it off his forhead, for the stinger, and also painting yellow and black stripes across his body. He went looking for a hive to meet Bumblebee friends, he found one but could not fit inside. When he tried, the hive came falling to the ground which resulted in all the Bumblebees giving the imposter painfull stings all over his body. He then washed off the paint, and put his horn back where it was supposed to be, and went back to his Rhino friends. He was teased and called a Rumblebee for the rest of his lifetime, and that is how the word came about.
Elaine was being a real Rumblebee today, did you see how she was trying to be a punk like Dennis? That is so not her style.
by Mike June 26, 2004
A badass through and through. He Rizides in EAST LAKE. Nikka what. Dont mess with this street fighting badass, cuz hes a badass...that street fights. He can often be found at Klan rallys with the Kosher Krusher. He likes the women and the women like him. He has more flash than gordon, more powers than austin, and more dick than tracy.
"Man, Rumble bee is a hardass, i saw that huge robot black man go up against him in a dance battle just like in you got served, and Rumble Bee owned him, noob"
"Rumble Bee is hung like a lion"
by Rumble Bee July 16, 2004
A rediculously ugly car, made by Dodge. Basically it is a Ram pick-up that is all yellow, except for a sticker on either side, right in front of the tailgate. This sticker consists of vertical stripes and a half-bee/half-car. It also contains the name, Rumble Bee on it. There has however, been one sighting of these hideous beasts, in an albino color scheme, where it consisted of an all-white paint job, with the same sticker as before.
OMG, that Rumble Bee is wihout a doubt the ugliest thing on wheels i have ever seen.

That car is almost as ugly as a Rumble Bee.
(I made up that last one, nothing comes close to being that ugly.)
by Andy Heller March 29, 2006

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